This website is for everyone who wants to play the piano. It doesn't matter if you are already a piano player or not. Sound of Emotions shows the elements of improvisation: how to create music and express different kinds of emotions on the piano.


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The Method

The Sound of Emotions piano method is a new approach to learning to play the piano and practicing improvisation. Its about giving a voice to the emotions, and the rest is all about the various kind of musical styles that exist. The Sound of Emotions website covers 3 of my piano books that I use with my private students on a daily basis. New – absolute beginner – students use approximately two years to go through the whole material.

This method shows the elements of improvisation: how to create music and express different kinds of emotions with the piano. With the microlessons and pdf’s , that you will find here, you will have the tools to express your feelings through the various kinds of musical styles available. Whether you’re thoughtful, happy or sad, angry or relaxed,
you will know what to do when you sit down at the piano.

I believe that the emotions we feel must be nurtured and, of course, techniques must be learnt but never at cost of losing the passion for  the music  you feel.

Through my lessons in Blues, Pop and New Age, I will teach you not only how to play the piano but how to feel it and, above all, enjoy it. I am not saying it is easy. It will require commitment and perseverance, but at all stages this website will help you to keep in touch with your emotions and to gain the upmost pleasure from the experience of making music.



Multiple platforms

All our lesson are compatible on your Mac or PC in addition to all Mobile devices such Android tablets, mobiles and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod).


“Unleash your Creativity and express your Emotions through your Music”


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“Martin has made great progress in the year he has been studying with David, and is always looking forward to the next lesson. David makes playing fun, and is a great motivator. He is able to create tasks that brings Martin forward in a playful way. We recommend David to everyone we can think of wanting their kid to play piano!”
Mother of Martin (13)
” I am playing more and more every day; I just sit down, my left hand does what it needs to do and my right hand follows it with improvisations. And what I really like – after all this classical music what I had to learn – that I finally don’t need to focus just on the music scores, I can focus on how I feel and then just play what is coming out.”
“David makes every lesson fun and inspiring. He is passionate about music and that is what makes him such an amazing teacher. I would highly recommend him as a teacher, he is the best!”
“Our boys have in a short time learnt to play the piano! They are really enjoying it, and so are we.”
Parent, Kirstin 






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