4 New Funky Lessons

Hello, this is my last update for today!:)
I know that some of you are advanced piano players, but somehow you ended up in my beginner piano course. Well, your time has arrived. This 4 lessons is just the start.

If you have the 1 year or 6months membership you have access to these new lessons right away.
If you purchased the monthly membership these lessons will be activated after the 2 month of your purchase.

Have fun and happy practicing!:)

Checkpoint 1: Are you done with Lesson 64? Great! Test Yourself!

Hello there! I just uploaded a new video! You will find it between Lesson 64 and 65.
You will also find a play alone track there that will help you to practice improvisation.
So, Check out that video, then record yourself improvising freely, upload to soundcloud or youtube (save it us a private video) and send me the link. I will check it out and I will give you feedback.
Have fun, happy practicing!


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