Lesson 119 – Blues Improvisation Etude No. 2

This lesson can be found in YouTube too, however you will get very detailed practice tips next to it.

Some of you have been asking, if my YouTube lessons and sheet music are also included in the sound of emotions website. And I replied: “No, it is a completely different story”

But now I am making it to be the same story ūüôā¬†However, I am very careful with the order of the lessons I am publishing on this site,¬†since it follows my method, my curriculum, from absolute beginner to advanced. So, now I am connecting all my random bebop, jazz and blues lessons in YouTube, put then in the right order for you, and upload them one by one. When I see that there are some steps missing between two YouTube lessons, I create some additional exercises too. Because I don’t want you just to copy me, I want you to fully understand every step, I want you to be able to create something very similar.

Thank you for being my student.

My Favorite Blues Licks

I just published two new lessons for you! Check out Lesson 117 – 118!

This time I want to share a story with you.
This is a true success story.

2 years ago I uploaded these licks to YouTube, so my private students in Bergen (Norway) can play along with it.
They did not use it at all, therefore I did not bother to create more videos for them.
However, a year later a checked that video in YouTube and wow, 1000 views! Still not from Norway though…
Anyway, I added a link to the description, to see if there is anyone interested to buy the music sheet. In a few days’ time I earned 2 euro! Holy Banana! 2 euro! It is almost enough money to buy something in Bergen!
And this is how this all started.

Today I am unstoppable, I can go and eat ice cream whenever I want. Do your parents think that you have no talent and you gonna end up a homeless artist? Mine did. Share this story with them and don’t give up.

I told my mom recently, that I I have 250 000 views per month in YouTube.
She said: Yes, because you are handsome, not because you are talented.
I told her that they only see my hands.
She is still in shock.

Get ready to my advanced Blues Lessons!

I just published a new lesson: Lesson 116 – Blues Improvisation Etude
Lesson 113 Р116 will help you to gain speed, reading-, rhythm and improvisation skills, ability to move around quickly few octaves up and down, etc.

Sound of Emotions is a one big story, we went through a bunch of beginners and early intermediate lessons and now (slowly but surely) we are entering to some advanced concepts. I will still jump back to some basic concepts, but from now on I am going to move much faster, because I am confident enough that after this 116 lessons you have a strong intermediate piano skills.
Looking forward to this period!
Hugs and Love,

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