Lesson 121 – Practice Tips for Intermediate Players

I have decided to create 3 additional lessons next to this Blues Challenge.
This lesson will help you to learn the ‘Blues Challenge Etude’ as it is.
Basically you will see how I have practiced my own etude, before I upload it for you.
The next lesson will cover the creative process of practicing all the blues exercises from Lesson 115 to Lesson 120.


Checkpoint 3: The Blues Challenge

What is the point of this CheckPoint/Challenge?
1. One of my big goal was to teach you how to express power, energy, madness through Blues. Now you have the tool to channel your anger. You can stop hitting the wall when you are pissed off and just play some loud blues.

2. This Etude is a mixture of LESSON 119 and LESSON 120. I wanted to show you the power of these lessons. You can create endless etudes like this based on Lesson 113 to Lesson 120. All you have to do is to mix your favorite elements together. (Follow the practice routine I provided you under Lesson 119 and lesson 120)

3. Intermediate piano players:  Learn this Etude and sent it to me. I will check out your level and I will tell you exactly what lessons you should work on. (An unlisted YouTube Video link would be perfect)

4. Advanced piano players: Challenge me! Create your own etude. Show me that you can do better than me. If you do that – and you succeed – I will challenge you back with a new, advanced lesson.


Regardless you level – beginner, intermediate, advanced – I want you to show me your progress. (Audio or Video)
Show me your reading and improvisation skills and I will create you a practice plan for your the next few months!
Eh! Do not send me big files! If you could send me a link (unlisted YouTube Video, SoundCloud) that would be great.

Have fun everyone,

Lesson 120 – Time to Upgrade Your Left Hand Grooves

Hello Everyone!
I have created a new practice routine for you.  It will take some time to complete, but when you are done with it, you are going to have some serious blues piano skills. The end of this week I will upload a little challenge/teaser for you. It might sound complex and difficult, but I can tell you, if you finish this practice routine, Lesson 121 is going to be a piece of cake for you.
Good Luck,

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