I’m new here, where should I start?

Q: Where can I find the lessons?
A: Monthly Membership for Beginners: Click on Lessons → Beginner Course
( https://www.soundofemotions.com/beginner-lessons-1-month/ )

Monthly Membership for Intermediate Click on Lessons → Intermediate Course
( https://www.soundofemotions.com/intermediate-course/ )

6 Month Membership Click on Lessons → Beginner & Intermediate Lessons
( https://www.soundofemotions.com/beginner-intermediate-lessons/ )

1 Year Membership Click on Lessons → All Lessons
( https://www.soundofemotions.com/all-lessons/ )

Q: I am an Intermediate Pianist (2-3 years of playing piano). I purchased the 6 months membership. Where should I start?
A: You have 3 possibilities here.

1. Start from the beginning.
Complete every single exercise. Download the sheet music, play it and if you made no mistake, move right away to the next lesson. After a while you will find an etude or improvisation exercise, that will challenge you a little bit. You will see that you had to think about the notes or rhythm. You will hear that your improvisation was not the best, you hit some wrong notes at the wrong time. When you reach that point, slow down and read the practice plan under that video lesson. This is where you start your journey.

2. Check out Checkpoint 1, 2 and 3.
If Checkpoint 1 was easy to complete, then there is no need for you to practice anything that is before Checkpoint 1. However, if you have some issues reading notes and rhythm, I would still recommend you to start from the beginning.

If you have good reading and improvisation skills, you can jump right away to Checkpoint no. 2
Let’s say that Checkpoint no. 2 was not so easy anymore. In that case, you start with the lesson that you find right after Checkpoint No. 1. (Lesson 65 or Lesson 68)

„Man, checkpoint No. 2 was a piece of cake too.” – Awesome. Continue with the lesson that comes after Checkpoint 2 or jump to Checkpoint No. 3 and see what happens there.

3. Record yourself playing checkpoint no 1, 2 or 3.
Once you are done with your best shot, upload it somewhere, send me the link and I will check your level out.
Based on that recording I can tell you where to start and what to practice for the next few months.

Q: I am not sure if I see all the mp3 files.
A: You do. Some lessons contain mp3 files another don’t. I use to have a separate mp3 track for every single exercise, even if the exercise was only 5 notes. I was young and foolish. I had too much time to create stuff that nobody will use.

Q: I see some MIDI files here and there. Do I have to download Synthesia for these exercises?
A:  Hmmm… no.  Unless you really want to. The truth is that I get excited whenever I find a new tool for practicing piano, but this year I was testing this „practicing with midi files” approach a lot… and I am not so impressed with the results. (So, just skip it)


Q: What is the difference between pianoundervising-bergen,  Sound of emotions (SoE) and David Magyel YouTube Channel?

A: pianoundervising-bergen.com – is my Norwegian website. The main purpose of that website was (is?) to the promote myself as a private piano teacher in Bergen. The sheet music store was just a little extra feature, but now it is all changed. The store became the main feature and… I should just delete the rest. The store collects all the sheet music I made for my YouTube Piano lessons and that’s all. I mean, there is no other connection to the Sound of Emotions website.

David Magyel YouTube Channel – Random Jazz-, Blues and Pop Piano Lessons. Most of the time advanced stuff. I like to keep it random, because that way I can test new concepts. Based on your reaction I can decide if the lesson is good enough to add to my sound of emotions curriculum too. (Soon or later the best YouTube lessons will be added to to the Sound of Emotions curriculum)

soundofemotions.com – contains the curriculum I do with my private students for many many years now. My main purpose here is to teach you how to express your emotions through music. You must know that I will never add a random lesson just because it is fun. I want to be sure that you are ready for the next step. I don’t want you to worry about what to practice after you are done with a lesson. It has to be super simple: if you don’t understand what is going on… go back to the previous lesson. If you mastered a lesson, great, move to the next lesson.

One more thing: If you buy a membership at SoE, your purchase will not appear in your  Pianoundervising-bergen account and Vice Versa. You don’t need to buy any music sheet from pianoundervising-bergen to start your Sound of Emotions journey.

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