1. Routine #9: Five-Finger Scales Exercises (A minor Pentatonic)
  2. Routine #10: Five-Finger Improvisation Exercises (A minor Pentatonic)
  3. Routine #11a: Major Triads Etude (First Inversion)
  4. Routine #11b: Major Triads (Second Inversion)
  5. Routine #12: Major Triads Etude (Arpeggios – Two Octaves)
  6. 3 Month Beginner Challenge: Melodic Improvisation (Pop & New Age music)

Your primary focus should be on Lessons 1 – 130. (Red Lessons)
If you want to dig deeper, then you complete all the routines too. (Green Lessons)
If you can’t get enough you work on monthly¬†challenges too. (Pro Lessons)

Stay tunes. I am not done yet ūüôā

1. Month Beginner Curriculum: Routine #1b – Five-Finger Scale Exercises (12 Major Keys)

If you are an absolute beginner- you have never touched a piano before Рthis routine is not for you and it is completely ok if you want to ignore this lesson for a while.
Do you want to try anyway?
All right, here is the plan:
1. master all the lessons first. (Lesson 1 ‚Äď 18 +¬† 26, 27, 28, 29)
2. master all the routines (1,2,3,4)
3. Practice this lesson only with your right hand.
4.  Is it still difficult with both hands? Be patient and wait for few more months.

Note: The reason I added this lesson to your 1. month beginner membership is because you might be a beginner as a piano player, but not as a musician. (Some of my members are professional guitar players  and they get bored very fast when things are too easy)

2. Month Beginner Curriculum: +7 New Lessons!

  1. Routine #5: Five-Finger Scale Exercises (A minor blues)
  2. Routine #6: Five-Finger Improvisation Exercises (A minor blues)
  3. Routine #7a: Major Triads Etude (Right Hand РOctaves)
  4. Routine #7b: Major Triads Etude (Right Hand РOctaves)
  5. Routine #8a: Major Triads Etude (Arpeggios: Right Hand РOctaves)
  6. Routine #8b: Major Triads Etude (Arpeggios: Left Hand РOctaves)
  7. 2. Month Beginner Challenge: The 9th and the Good 9th Song

    Dig in ūüôā
    More to come! 

1. Month Beginner Curriculum: 5 New Lessons Available!

Hello Everyone! I am starting a new lessons series.
It is time to master every scales, chords, and arpeggios in 12 keys. As always, I will keep it fun for you. You don’t have to practice any dry and unmusical exercises. Remember: Every exercise should sound like real music.

The first 5 lessons are designed for the 1. month beginners members but I recommend it to every one of you.
Each of these lessons includes play-along tracks too.

  1. Routine #1: Five-Finger Scale Exercises (Mainly for Beginners)
  2. Routine #2: Five-Finger Improvisation Exercises (Beginners and Intermediate players)
  3. Routine #3: Major Triads Etude – Root Position (All Levels)
  4. Routine #4: Major Triads Etude – Arpeggios (All Levels)
  5. 1 Month Beginner Challenge: Smooth Voice Leading (For PRO Beginners)

Look for these Icons:


Note: For a limited time these beginner routines are available for the monthly intermediate membership too.

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