1. Month Beginner Curriculum: 5 New Lessons Available!

Hello Everyone! I am starting a new lessons series.
It is time to master every scales, chords, and arpeggios in 12 keys. As always, I will keep it fun for you. You don’t have to practice any dry and unmusical exercises. Remember: Every exercise should sound like real music.

The first 5 lessons are designed for the 1. month beginners members but I recommend it to every one of you.
Each of these lessons includes play-along tracks too.

  1. Routine #1: Five-Finger Scale Exercises (Mainly for Beginners)
  2. Routine #2: Five-Finger Improvisation Exercises (Beginners and Intermediate players)
  3. Routine #3: Major Triads Etude – Root Position (All Levels)
  4. Routine #4: Major Triads Etude – Arpeggios (All Levels)
  5. 1 Month Beginner Challenge: Smooth Voice Leading (For PRO Beginners)

Look for these Icons:


Note: For a limited time these beginner routines are available for the monthly intermediate membership too.

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