15th February 2018 David Magyel

Experienced Beginner Plan (6. Month)

Welcome to your 6. month experienced beginner curriculum!  If you are still working on something from the 5. month practice plan, don’t worry too much about the new lessons. Take as much time as you need. In the other hand, I encourage you to check out the new lessons even if you are not entirely done with the previous exercises and etudes.  The only reason you should put the new lessons on hold if you feel that they are too complicated.

I. Advanced 12 Bar Jazz-Blues Workout in the key of Bb


II. Jazz Routines


III. Theory/Basics


IV. Improvisation

Major Blues and Major Pentatonic
(I-VI-ii-V Progression)


V. Etudes


It might take more than six months to complete the whole Experienced Beginner Practice Plan, but that’s ok. Just take your time with it. Once you are done, you have two ways to go:

  1. Start on the Jazz Beginner Practice Plan
  2. Leave this membership behind and start with the Monthly Intermediate Membership

If you don’t want to lose you access to this beginner membership, I recommend you to upgrade to the 6 months or 1-year membership.

Fun Fact

Did you realize that you already learned to have control over 53 scales and 244 chords?

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