26th January 2018 David Magyel

High Intermediate Practice Plan (2. Month)

Welcome to your 2. month curriculum! I encourage you to check out the new lessons even if you are not entirely done with the previous month exercises and etudes.  The only reason you should put the new lessons on hold if you feel that they are too complicated.

Core Lessons

Left-Hand Accompaniment
(Lesson 84 – Lesson 85)

(From Lesson 86 to Lesson 92)

Rhythm Workout
(From Lesson 93 to Lesson 96)

Duet Part
(Lesson 97)


Improvisation (Mindset)

Jazz Beginner Routines

I. Ear Training

If you transpose only one etude, it should be this one:

II. Jazz-Blues Workout in the key of C

III. Jazz Routines


IV. Theory/Basics


V. Improvisation 


VI. Having Fun with the Etudes
Choose one of the lessons listed below and transform it to your level.

I recommend you to learn all the lessons one by one starting from the top. Work on all the additional exercises too, so all the new information and knowledge has the chance to sink deeper. This is a well-rounded practice routine for a Jazz Beginner student. All you have to do is stick to the plan and practice every day. If you have the feeling that it would be difficult to follow through this program, I recommend you to send me your progress every week. I will give you feedback and help you to keep on track.

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