6th January 2018 David Magyel

I am at a high intermediate level, where should I start?

– you have already played piano for a few years now
– you have proper technique and solid reading skills
– you have some experience with improvisation
– you read the description of the course, meaning: you are aware of that the intermediate course starts with  contemporary piano lessons, and we will go through all type of music genres throughout the curriculum;
– you are planning to sign up for one of the FULL ACCESS membership, but you are not ready to commit to it yet, so you signed up for the monthly intermediate membership,
this article is for you.

Before you would start working on your curriculum, I want you to check out the following two lessons:

These two lessons are originally part of the 1.Month Beginner Membership, but they are essential for you too because it helps to set your mind in the right direction. Everything you practice on the website, you will use in your composition and improvisation.

Basic Improvisation Exercises

Sight Reading

Compositional Improvisation
Collect your favorite parts from the etudes you have learned so far, and mix them up. You can’t go wrong. All the core lessons are in the key of E minor, so whatever you decide to glue together, it will fit, no worries. Feel free to change things around to your taste, also, you might want to add parts, that wasn’t in the curriculum. That is completely fine. I did that too.

Jazz Routine




(5. Month Beginner Routines)


When you open a lesson, you will see the video on the top and under that, you will find a practice plan. It helps you to get the best out of the lesson. I expect you to complete everything that is written in the description. If you only do what is shown in the video, your progress will be…minimal. However, if you follow my advice and work through all the additional exercises, in 6 months you will be a well-rounded jazz pianist.

If you like my approach and you are ready to upgrade for the 6 month or 1-year membership, please contact me to redeem your discount

I am looking forward to getting to know you, working together and make you a better pianist.