28th January 2018 David Magyel

Just Keep the Beat

Many of my students are trying so hard to play the right notes, so they end up stopping and correcting themselves every five seconds. Having a steady beat is the first thing you should care about, everything else is secondary. I rather listen to improvisation with good rhythm and some wrong notes, than to an improvisation where everything is correct, but the rhythm is weak. Do you know the reason why you are not able to keep the beat and a good flow? I tell you. You are practicing something you not supposed to. The biggest mistakes every beginner do. This is also the reason why you will skip the next day of practicing piano. You struggle. But why do you do this to yourself? Who told you that you have to suffer to make some progress? For sure there is a lesson on this website that you can play right away with a steady beat. You should start there… and then go to the next one on the list. What will happen?
1. You will stop working hard – and start enjoying playing the piano again.
2. You will manage to keep the beat every single time you sit down to practice.
3. You will give positive signals to your brain that you can play things without a struggle, and that will help you to sit down again tomorrow.
4. Eventually, you will get back to the lesson you tried so hard to complete earlier, and you will be surprised that you can do it on the first try.

Trust the curriculum. All you have to do is to start at the right place, continue in the right order and you will get the same feeling every day – This is easy. Soon or later you will end up playing my most difficult routines, and you will still think the same – This is easy.

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