1st January 2018 David Magyel

Practice Plans – How to get started

To guide you in the right direction was a challenge. You are not just merely a beginner-, intermediate or advanced player, but everything in between. Every one of you has your own story with the piano, and that makes you unique. I want to keep it that way. For example, the beginner course is designed for absolute beginner – who never touched a piano – but for some reason, it is attractive for advanced students too. Probably you are very humble when it comes to your skills, or you are an absolute beginner when it comes to improvisation. I tried to put myself in your place, and in the end, I decided to add 170 new lessons to the beginner and intermediate membership. Besides, I came up with three detailed practice plans for 3 type of beginners.
I am an advanced beginner, where should I start?
I am an experienced beginner, where should I start?
I am an absolute beginner, where should I start?

1. month Intermediate Membership:
I am at an Intermediate level, where should I start?
I am at a High Intermediate level, where should I start?

At this moment we have 38 practice plans all over the website; therefore I’ve decided to collect them in one place.
All the Practice Plans in One Place (You will find this link when you enter your lesson area too.)

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